LMR Rags Ltd

We buy, sort, grade and recycle a large variety of clothing items to satisfy the needs of customers all over the world.

We have the capability to grade by particular item and by quality to satisfy almost any customer request.

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List of Graded Items

adult cotton sweater ladies jacket (light)
adult knitwear ladies jacket
adult zipper jackets ladies night dress
asian wear ladies pants
baby knitwear ladies poly silk blouse
bags ladies poly silk dress
bath mats ladies poly silk skirt
belts (leather) ladies silk blouse
belts (plastic) ladies silk dress
blankets ladies silk skirts
body suits ladies ski pants
boys cord pants ladies slips
boys pants ladies summer suits
boys shirts ladies swimwear
brazier ladies tergal skirts
candlewick bed covers ladies tights
check shirt ladies underwear
childrens knitwear leather jackets
childrens sweaters mens cord pants
childrens rumage (light) mens cotton pants
childrens rumage mens jackets
childrens t-shirt mens jeans
childrens zippers mens nylon shirts
cotton house hold mens cotton shirts
cotton house hold (light) mens suits
cuddly toys mens swimwear
denim dresses mens tergal pants
denim skirts mens t-shirts
denim shirts mens underwear
face caps mens wool pants
girls dresses net curtains
girls skirts nylon house hold
house hold rumage original shorts
handbags paired pyjamas
hats quilts
jogging bottoms rainwear
jump suits silk scalfs
knitted blankets socks
knitted hats soft toys
knitted scalves ties
ladies cotton blouse track suits
ladies cotton dress vest
ladies cotton skirt waist coats

List of items in big bales (500 Kg bales)

Grade A Mixed Clothing (Summer Mix)
Grade A/B Mixed Clothing (Tropical Mix)
Institutional Clothing (clothing only)
Original Donation Clothing (shoes and bags inc.)

Should the items that you require not appear in our lists please contact us for availability.